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Halon Fire Extinguishers 

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                                                  The Premier Fire Fighting Agent 
     Key Benefits:        

  • Halon is a colorless, odorless, nontoxic, gas. 

  • Halon is fast acting -  it cools the surface and chemically interferes with the combustion process.

  • This nontoxic gas is attracted to heat, moves around barriers and tracks to a fire.

  • Halon blankets the fire area and reduces the risk of flashback. 

  • Halon is clean and evaporates completely, it's non-staining, non-corrosive and nonconductive. 

  • Halon will not damage any surface, including electronics, fabrics and painted surfaces.2 1/2 Pound Halon Fire Extinguisher in Red

  • Halon is effective for A, B, and C type fires.

  • Effective on chemical fires & flammable liquids.

  • Fire extinguishers are rugged, all metal, re-useable, and rechargeable.

  • Units are compact, lightweight and easy to operate providing maximum visibility during discharge.

  • Upright squeeze grip operation.

  • All metal valve construction

  • Large, easy to read pressure gauges.

  • Low temperature operation to -65 F.

  • Reclaimed Halon 1211 is returned to original MIL Specification

  • Uses all recycled gas in accordance with the Montreal Protocol

  • Extinguishers are available in red or chrome.

  • Halon units are available in several sizes, including the 2.5 pound size - the size required by organizations for events, including most racing organizations and the AACA.

  • Fire extinguishers are covered by a 1 year manufacturers warranty.

  • Made in the USA

Halon 1211 Furnishes maximum effectiveness in these primary application areas:

  • Computer rooms - data processing equipment

  • Telecommunications equipment

  • Power generating, distribution and transmission facilities

  • Museums, hospitals and laboratories

  • General commercial and office facilities

  • Oil production, refining and chemical processing plants

  • Process equipment control rooms

  • Transportation: rail, marine, air, bus, automotive, and general transit systems

  • Record storage areas

Class A Fires -- Tests show Halon-charged portables to be more effective than those containing other Class A agents. Halon works quickly and effectively because, in addition to cooling and smothering a fire, it chemically interferes with the combustion process.

Class B Fires -- UL ratings obtained with Halon 1211 indicate it is very effective on most hydrocarbon fuels, hydraulic fluids and many flammable chemicals such as vinyl chloride. Pound for pound, Halon is three times as effective as CO2.

Class C Fires -- Halon 1211 is electrically non-conductive in test up to 110,000 volts. Standardized use of Halon extinguishers eliminates the inadvertent use of water on an electrical fire. Halon leaves no mess behind to clean up

Discharge Range: Most Halon-charged portables have an effective range of 9 to 15 feet.  This allows the operator to stay at a safe distance from the fire.

      The Halon Advantage

The process of combustion is the chemical reaction of oxygen, fuel, and heat.  Water extinguishes a fire by cooling.  CO2 extinguishes fire by smothering which removes oxygen.  Halon cools and smothers a fire, but it also chemically interferes with the combustion process by breaking up its complex chemical reaction.  This chemical interference is the reason Halon works so quickly and effectively on fires.

Normal operating pressure in Halon charged portables is 100-195 psi.  This low pressure allows units to be made of mild steel or aluminum.  The lighter weight makes the units easier to handle in a fire emergency.  For example, an equivalently rated CO2 unit weighs 4 times as much as a Halon unit.

Halon 1211 is clean because the gas evaporates completely.  There is no residue to cause damage.  No clean up is required except for the damage actually caused by the fire.  Halon is safe for the protection of high-value equipment such as computer systems.

Penetrating Power. The liquid/vapor discharge of Halon flows around obstructions to reach tough-to-get-at-fires. Halon vapor blankets the immediate fire area and reduces the possibility of flashback.

No Guessing. Since extinguishers containing 9lbs or more of Halon are ABC rated, the operator need not choose between extinguishers in an emergency. Halon units can replace CO2 and water combinations as well as many dry chemical units.

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  Specifications- 2.5 LB.

Fire Safety

There are many materials - that when burned, release dangerous and toxic fumes.  When fighting a fire, stay as great a distance as possible from the fire source and smoke.  After a fire has been extinguished, if possible, introduce ventilation to the area, or move away from the area to allow gases or fumes to dissipate. 

2.5 LB. HALON 1211, RED
Capacity ( lb.) 2.5 lb.
Shipping Weight 5 1/2 lb.
U/L Rating 5B:C
Type of Canister Steel
Discharge Range - Feet 9 - 15
Duration of Discharge - Seconds 10
Height ( inches ) 14 3/8
Width ( inches ) 3 7/8
Depth - Diameter ( inches ) 3
Bracket Type Vehicle
Canister Color or Finish Red or Chrome Plate
Coast Guard Approved Yes
FAA Approved Yes
Description SKU # Price

2.5 lb. Red

F352T $229.00
Other sizes available, quote upon request.

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