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Halon Marketing, LLC is headquartered in Chester County, Pennsylvania approximately one hour west of Philadelphia and our manufacturing presence is situated in New Jersey.  We have been in operation for over 25 years. 

Our Founders', Saul & Selig "Babe" Smiler, with decades of management and sales experience, began distributing Halon fire extinguishers.  Their appreciation of fine automobiles, likely drew them to the car collecting field - the segment of consumers they primarily chose to market.  We soon became wholesalers and found other appealing and successful lines of products to wholesale and retail. 

After the retirement of our Founders', the new team of Mary Ann & son, Jeremy Smiler, own and operate the company.  After ten years of distributing Capt. Lee's Spra' Strip products, we took advantage of the opportunity to purchase the product line, and so we are now a manufacturing and distributing operation. 

Like many companies in our field, we have been and remain, a family owned business.  The younger generation in the family, has already discovered the thrill of customizing an automobile.  We are certain a collection will soon develop.  We are proud and pleased, and anticipating the contributions to the business from the next generation of automobile enthusiasts in the family. 

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